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GS Global Stones

As main manufacturer and exporter of the Egyptian marbles nowadays, Gs Global Stones Ltd has been established in Egypt to process & produce the Egyptian marble & granite in a very high standard avoiding all the usual normal problems.

We use the latest technology & the Up - to - Date KNOW HOW applying tough and restrictive quality control in all processing steps:

quarrying , selecting the blocks, sawing , treatment , finishing and selecting the finished materials before packing and loading to the finial customer following the same system of our Italian sister-company.

We are able to supply any type of marble & granite as follow:
- Blocks , Semi- blocks & Shapeless blocks.
- Slabs :20 mm ,25 mm,30 mm or any other thickness.
- Tiles : 10 mm ,12 mm, 13 mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25 mm, 30 mm or any other thickness.
- Any cut to size or special projects with the co-operation of italian partner.

We can supply any type of finishing:
rough, treated ( Epoxy resine or polyester resin ), polished , honed , brushed and antique, aced .etc
(calibrated. beveled for tiles as well).
In the end we would love to underline that we do care so much to fulfill our commitment with our customers all over the world.